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Each of the units are constructed with REMOTE wall technology, which makes them extremely air-tight and energy efficient (R45 walls and R-70 attics). Our units are very cozy when its cold outside.


• Floors are stained and sealed concrete

• All cabinets are solid plywood hickory cabinets

• Counter tops are solid surface

• All units have glass top stoves and built in microwaves

• Bathrooms are full size with single piece tubs for easy cleaning

• All units have individual HRVs (Heat Recovery Ventilators) for humidity and air quality control inside the unit.

• The interior of all of the units are stained tongue and groove for a truly unique Alaskan experience (without the drafts from a cabin)

• Outdoor plugs for your vehicle

• Our property is serviced through a well with softened water and an on-site septic system.

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